Bass Pro to make bid for Nebraska-based Cabela's

Bass Pro to make bid for Nebraska-based Cabela's
Posted at 2:05 PM, Apr 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-19 15:11:39-04

Nebraska-based retailer Cabela's could be one step closer to having a new parent company.

In a report from Reuters, Bass Pro appears to be partnering with Goldman Sachs Group's private equity arm to prepare a bid for the almost 80 store chain.

Reuters notes that while e-retailers such as Amazon continue to cut prices against some retail stores, such as the hunting and fishing industry, brands like Bass Pro and Cabela's are working to create unique experiences based around both themed stores that often include special activity areas, restaurants, and museums on-site.

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The Omaha World Heard reports that the move could be dangerous to Sidney, Nebraska, where almost 2,000 of the 6.000 residents work for the Cabela's headquarters. 

Bass Pro Shops in based in Springfield, Missouri and has more than 90 locations. According to the company, their locations receive more than 120 million visitors every year. Analysts say there would be little reason for the company to maintain a second headquarters in Nebraska.

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Reuters also reports that Bass Pro and Goldman Sachs are not alone in their reported bid. Two other unnamed players may also be making a play to bid on all of, or at least a part of, the Nebraska-based retailer. 

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