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Rib Shack BBQ Restaurant advertising signs being stolen

Even cemented signs were removed
Posted at 6:20 PM, Dec 21, 2021

OMAHA, Neb. — From the day they opened in Roxbury Plaza in South Omaha, the Rib Shack BBQ Restaurant was struggling to stay open.

"We couldn't afford to pay staff, we have had volunteers working, we have been surviving for 8 months like this," said Jackie Robbins, co-owner of Rib Shack.

To help increase business they started putting up advertising signs that no matter what they did, kept disappearing.

"The last time we secured them with poles and concrete and we thought for sure those were secure," said Robbins.

But again the signs were removed.

They thought maybe it was the wind or even that they were in violation of a city code and were removed by the city, but that was not the case.

"The place where Malcolm and Jackie are putting the signs are private property and the city would not be removing them. They are clearly in compliance," said District 5 Councilman Don Rowe.

The intersection of 108th and Q Streets has several restaurants. The thought that they are being removed by someone is disheartening, says Robbins.

"We cook with love, we are truly about love and support. We are not in competition with anyone, we each have our own unique style. if it is a competitor, that is just heartbreaking."

The signs aren't extremely expensive but for the Rib Shack, every dollar counts.

"The signs have made a major impact on us being in business, we have been here eight months. Before that people did not know we were here, when they disappeared it was a major impact. our customer base is still new," added Robbins.

"It's sad that if someone is taking our signs, we are just living and trying to survive, We have been having hundred dollar days, no one can survive off of that."

Robbins and her husband Malcolm moved to Omaha for her husband's heart transplant surgery. They have filed a police report for theft of property.

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