Roncalli Catholic High School Senior becomes a published author

Posted at 5:15 PM, Nov 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-10 19:22:18-05

“We share old memories, a gleeful mindset and sometimes we share memories we want to forget,” read Maddie Rheinheimer from her children’s book.

“My biggest memory was 12-years-old in a doctor's office and the screen was up,” said Rheinheimer.

Years ago, 17-year-old Maddie Rheinheimer’s Body Mass Index or BMI prompted a doctor to tell her she should lose weight. 

“For a 12-year-old, that is nothing that you really want to hear and I just remember crying,” said Rheinheimer.

Like most teens, over time Maddie’s body changed along with her lifestyle.  This summer came another blow. 

“For five years you've told me I’m too heavy and now I’m too light,” said Rheinheimer.

The Roncalli Catholic High School Senior had enough. 

“You should not be defined by a graph or a chart or the way somebody's body looks in a magazine,” said Rheinheimer.

Rheinheimer wanted to share her message with children. 

“We are all unique, special in some way, so stop trying to group us together I say,” read Rheinheimer.

This summer, in about 20 minutes, Rheinheimer wrote a rough draft for a children’s book. 

“She said I wrote a book, I said excuse me,” said Terri Rheinheimer.

Terri Rheinheimer says after months of hard work, her daughter’s writing and family friend Hylan Miller’s illustrations came together. 

“Don't be labeled and don't label someone else, so yes I just fell in love with the idea and the message,” said Maddie’s mom.

Maddie’s book title “Undefined” was published last month. 

“It's so important to saturate kids minds with you are fine the way you are, focus on you,” said Rheinheimer.

The teen is now sharing her message with as many people as possible.

“We cannot be explained, classified or described, you are you and you are undefined,” read Rheinheimer.

In the next few months, Maddie will read her book to children at schools throughout Omaha.  Her book is available for purchase at and