Root family responds to Eswin Mejia being on...

Posted at 11:06 PM, Mar 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-31 00:15:07-04

The Immigration, Customs and Enforcement agency placed 19-year-old Eswin Mejia accused of driving drunk, crashing and killing 21-year-old Sarah Root on its most wanted list.

This comes after U.S. Senators from Nebraska and Iowa demanded more answers from the agency after Mejia made bail and took off.

It’s been an emotional 2 months for the Root family since Sarah Root was tragically killed at 33rd and L Street.

The Roots are fighting, calling for change and wanting answers to how this could happen to their loved one.

“So proud of her and all she accomplished and just sad that she isn't given the opportunity to accomplish so much more,” said Michelle Root as she holds Sarah’s diploma.

Michelle and Scott Root can’t believe it took this long for Mejia to show up on ICE’s most wanted list.

“It's incredible that it took 7 weeks and all the senators to finally get him on the most wanted list,” said Michelle Root.

The Omaha Police Department asked ICE to put an immigration hold on Mejia but it refused. Relatives of Mejia posted bond and he skipped court dates since.

Senator Ben Sasse on Wednesday criticized ICE for not considering the Mejia case an enforcement priority.

“The public still does not have a complete account of what went wrong and it is well past time that ICE make all the facts known so that this never happens to another family again,” said Sasse.

ICE reponded after Sasse knocked the agency for not talking about the case.

"ICE is working with law enforcement authorities in Nebraska and Honduras to locate and arrest Mejia. ICE will work tirelessly to ensure justice is done in this matter,” said ICE director Sarah Saldana.

But for the Root family, justice hasn’t been served yet.

“Nobody being held accountable, him the judge or ICE, everyone playing hot potato, 'that's not my fault',” said Scott Root.

Scott Root will be out at 78th and Dodge streets 11a.m. on Saturday for people to sign a complaint form for Judge Jeffery Marcuzzo who ordered the 50-thousand dollar bond for Mejia.

Here is Eswin Mejia on ICE's most wanted list: