Root family thrilled Trump is President-Elect

Posted at 11:03 PM, Nov 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-10 00:03:20-05

The Root family whose daughter died at the hands of an undocumented immigrant drunk driver in south Omaha - became a focal point of Donald Trump's campaign. Both Scott and Michelle Root of parents of Sarah Root believe the right candidate won.

“I was excited and glad you know he's the only one who's stood out for our family and that's important to us and hopefully some changes take place,” said Scott Root.

Changes such as tightening immigration laws and securing national borders.

“They need to enforce the laws that are here in place, if the laws were enforced as far as deportation my daughter would probably still be here,” said Root.

In January, police say 21-year-old Sarah Root was killed by suspected drunk driver-19-year old Eswin Meija-racing down 32nd and L Street drunk-when he hit her car vehicle the night of her college graduation.

Though arrested, Meija bonded out of jail no where to be found since.

“It sucks that my daughter had to die for this, but my family is not going to be silent and we're going to do what we do to change something,” said Root.

The Roots alongside trump and area politicians helped create Sarah’s Law to detain undocumented immigrants who break the law.

“You shouldn't have to have a law to detain somebody who killed somebody or bodily injuries it should be a common sense issue,” said Root.

With a Trump presidency Root says the likelihood of federal Sarah’s Law increases and hopefully finding justice by catching Meija.

“To me if you're a cockroach or a rat your places to hide got a whole lot smaller,” said Root.

Root said his family would be excited to go to Trump’s inauguration if they are invited.