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Sarpy County, Ralston to discuss limiting fireworks use

Posted at 3:17 PM, Oct 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-17 07:33:21-04

In September, Omaha changed its firework ordinance to limit the number of days you can buy and set off fireworks. 

Now, the city of Ralston and Sarpy County are considering limiting days and times you can set off fireworks. 

Sarpy County would have to go through the state legislature to change rules regarding fireworks. 

Instead, the board is looking at a workaround that limits hours by amending the disorderly conduct ordinance. 

The changes would limit fireworks to 8 a.m. through 10 p.m. June 25th through July 3rd and between 8 a.m. and midnight on July 4. 

"So after a certain time at night, is someone is called in the law enforcement can come in and at least have something enforceable nows the time to stop shooting," Sarpy County Commissioner Jim Warren said. 

Violating the law is a class three misdemeanor punishable by 3 months in jail, a $500 fine or both.