Sarpy County has thousands show for caucus

Posted at 10:25 PM, Mar 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-05 23:26:11-05

Bernie Sanders won Sarpy County with 60% of Saturday's votes (1,620), and Hillary Clinton had 40% of the votes (1,099).

Papillion La Vista  High School had over 600 people show up to caucus. Everything went smoothly at this site, but over in Bellevue at Bryan High School, dozens of people were did not make the 2:10 cut off time to get inside to caucus. 

"It's my first time caucusing and I don't get to caucus, I don't get to exercise my right as a citizen," said Jess Martin.

Vince Powers, who is the Nebraska party chair said they had to close the doors on time because it is the rules.

"I told both campaigns when they came to Nebraska, that I wold do everything in my power to make certain the rules were followed, but if we start making exceptions for someone then we are not following the rules," said Powers. 

Even though some people were turned away, thousands of people still showed up to caucus on Saturday.