Sarpy County officials introduce new safety measure to report possible schools threats

Posted at 7:34 PM, Oct 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-06 20:34:33-04

Mass school shootings were seen throughout our nation as recent as the one in South Carolina have changed the approach to school safety.

Even in our own backyards

Thursday in Sarpy County, school officials and law enforcement say they're going a step further than lockdown drills.

They are calling it the 'Tips Report Incident and they say it's all about prevention.

“A vast majority of these acts of violence that there are observable patterns -- there are things that people find out and a lot of times someone has told about them ahead of time and they don't share those,” said Captain Kevin Griger with Sarpy County Sheriff's Department

 If a student learns about a possible school threat, sharing that information is only a click away. and you can be anonymous.

“Most of the time, they were afraid to to begin with. Because they were afraid it wasn't anonymous -- and no one wants to be labeled, especially in your high school years as a 'snitch’,” said Sheriff Jeff Davis with Sarpy County.

For Sarpy County, the Sandy Hook shooting jump started this latest effort.

“Each one of those puzzle pieces represents a timeline where someone had contact with the suspect in that case,” said Griger.

Superintendents from each school district and chiefs from multiple law enforcement agencies got together.

On each partner's site, there's a button for people to click on.

“It's a level of sophistication that we haven't been at before. I think it's the sophistication of the whole process,” said, Superintendent Kevin Riley, Gretna Public Schools

Already, school districts have rolled out this tips reporting system.

So far, authorities say they've received information, ranging from alcohol being at parties to someone feeling suicidal.