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Sarpy County seeks control over traffic signals on Highway 370

Posted at 10:28 PM, Mar 26, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-26 23:28:45-04

It's a busy highway that sees thousands of commuters daily, but yet there's not many traffic signals on the highway.

Highway 370 is a common interchange for drivers to commute to Omaha from Gretna, which is why the Sarpy County Board of Commissioners hopes to add more traffic signals. 

"It's a very dangerous highway. 370 is meant for signals," says Jim Warren, who sits on the board. "This highway is busy twice a day. It's busy going to work in the mornings and it's busy coming home from work at night. Gretna is a suburb yet a commuter city."

Right now the state of Nebraska is responsible for the highway and determines when and if traffic signals are added. The Board says it should be up to the board to decide as they travel the highway daily and see it as a public safety issue.

"We're not upset at the state at all. I think NDOR does a great job with its work on the roads," added Warren. "This is just a public safety issue. 

On Tuesday, the Board will consider a resolution to take over control at 3 p.m. meeting in the Sarpy County Boardroom. 

You can read the resolution here