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Sarpy County takes voting polls out of schools

Posted at 7:11 PM, Apr 02, 2018

The Sarpy County Election Commission is taking steps to prevent a tragedy in county schools.

"Our schools have always been election polls for as long as I can remember in our district, and it's a great move for Sarpy County in particular our commissioner Michelle to move schools as polling places," said Annette Eyman.

Just ahead of the May 15th primary election, around 30 thousand voters are receiving postcards regarding their new voting place.

"I just got my card in mail a couple days ago, and I haven't read it thoroughly, but with everything going on in schools now, I think it's appropriate that they figure something different out," said Debbie Veik.

Veik says on top of protecting the students, moving polls out of schools may have other advantages.

"If it means shorter lines that's a good thing as well," said Veik.

Papillion La Vista School District Communications Director Annette Eyman calls it a step in the right direction.

"With everything that has happened on a national level, and the tragedies that have happened in schools, we want our schools to be as safe and secure as possible," said Eyman.

Although having the voting polls inside the school served as a learning opportunity for students.

"We used to love it because it promoted civic responsibility and it helped students create that awareness of what happens and what elections look like," said Eyman.

"When you have to balance that against security and safety, security and safety is going to win," said Eyman.

The election commission office says those polls will now be moved to churches, hospitals, community centers and retail developments.