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Sarpy County voters vote at new polls

Posted at 6:40 PM, May 15, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-15 19:40:41-04

Voters at Wildewood Christian Church say they had been voting at Papillion La Vista High School for years.

They say in previous years they waited in long lines and battled school day traffic, but today things were much different.

"We got right in, no lines, it was a great day to get out and vote," said Rhonda Webb.

Voters who casted their ballots at Wildewood Christian Church for the first time say it was a breeze.

"It was much less crowded here then the high school during the day," said Noelle Collins.

Mitch and Rhonda Webb had voted at Papillion La Vista High School for nearly 20 years, but have no problems with their new poll location.

"They sent the cards out, we talked about it and we marked it on our calendars today," said Webb.

Sarpy County Election Commissioner Michelle Andahl says voters were alerted months in advance.

"We ended up moving just over 30 thousand voters and we made a very strong effort to communicate with voters where their new polling place would be," said Michelle Andahl.

It was as an effort to maintain school safety any given day of the day week.

"If they think that's the right thing to do for the kids safety it's the right plan," said Webb.

Some say finding their new location was just as easy.

"We checked it out online because you can do that," said Collins.

"I didn't find anything wrong with it at all, it's still in the same area, no big deal," said Collins.

Voters received their ballots, voted and turned them in all within minutes.

"Today worked out great," said Webb.

Voters say parking was also easier at the church.