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Sarpy, Douglas county residents frustrated with snow plowing

Posted at 10:30 AM, Jan 24, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-24 11:30:19-05

The plowing and salting after the winter storm continued Tuesday on some neighborhood streets.   

But some homeowners in Sarpy and Douglas counties are unhappy that heavy, wet snow,  wound up in their driveways. 

Michael Johannsen says he's snowed in at his home near 147th and Harrison after a plow pushed heavy, wet snow into his driveway. It happened not once, but twice.   

"It's just frustrating you know, you spend all that time cleaning up your driveway and this doesn't happen with the ice chunks when yesterday it was just wet slushy stuff that my son was able to deal with," said Johannsen.

Surveillance cameras caught it all on video. A plow appears to drive down the wrong side of the street and push snow onto his freshly shoveled sidewalk and driveway. 

"I think they should just drive on the right side of the road. The side they're supposed to be on," said Johannsen.

A painful back injury makes shoveling impossible for Johannsen. Now- he has to rely on his son to try to cut through the wall of ice.

In a neighborhood off 75th and Blondo, another homeowner says she's also stuck in her home after a contractor's plow drove down the wrong side of the street and created a wall of ice. It blocked her in.

"Today, I had a doctors appointment so I had to cancel it. So I couldn't get my car out because of the boulders without ruining something underneath (the car)," said Barb Jacoba.

Jacoba says she's encountered plow problems before. Compounding the frustration, several back surgeries mean Jacoba can't clear her driveway.

"I have to wear braces. I mean I can't shovel my own snow. I get help from the Eastern Nebraska Office on Aging. I've had three back surgeries," said Jacoba.

"So, I mean I'm stuck here. I can't go anywhere until somebody helps me," said Jacoba.

According to the city, property owners are responsible for shoveling their driveways.