Save big bucks on your grocery list with digital coupon apps

OMAHA, Neb. -
Shopping for the best deals on airfare, a new car or even big screen tv's is relatively easy thanks to price comparison phone apps. 
A simple swipe and you can see who is offering the best deals. 
Before it used to be that if you wanted to save money on groceries, you needed to clip coupons from the Sunday paper. 
But now you can score some big bargains - saving hundreds of dollars right at your finger tips. 
"They have exclusive deals, so let see...wheel the deal...99 cent shredded cheese is an awesome deal," said Nicole McDonald, Mom Saves Money blogger and coupon expert. 
From the moment this mom steps foot in the supermarket, Nicole McDonald is a super couponer on a mission.
She's mastered the art of couponing.
She runs the blog Mom Saves Money. She also teaches classes on couponing, budgeting, meal planning and more at Metropolitan Community College. 
McDonald is in the business of saving bucks. 
"We have no credit card debt. We are working on paying off our house," said McDonald. We live within our means so I don't ever feel like I am struggling."
By using apps like iBotta, Check Out 51 and Saving Star - McDonald saves about %$500-700 dollars a month. 
"This one, I'll show you this. It'll say I earn 2.99 cash back. They are 2.99," said McDonald. "These are the same ones. Everything matches up. It says I can get a limit of three of these and they're all going to be 100 percent free after I get my cash back."
The apps are free and work at many big box stores. iBotta and Check Out 51 give you cash back after the purchase. The money is deposited straight to your checking account or sent through a check in the mail. 
The savings add up with each item crossed off the shopping list.
McDonald says some of the best high value deals are on health and beauty items and recently launched brand name products. 
And if you use iBotta -- keep an eye out for high value rebates on beer, wine and liquor. 
"So by thinking ahead, I can actually avoid that full price tag which is very expensive," said McDonald. 
Taking 20 minutes out of your day to scroll through digital coupons adds up.
"So, my grand total was $17.83 but I am going to get $12.72 back from the different apps I use, said McDonald. "So for 13 items, my grand total will be $5.11 cents with everything said and done."
For more helpful hints to save money, including coupon lists, visit:  Mom Saves Money.
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