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Saying Goodbye to Michael's Cantina

Posted at 1:06 PM, Sep 24, 2019

OMAHA, (Neb.) — Michael's Cantina is more than a restaurant. It's a museum of what Omaha used to be and what it is now. For decades Michael Henery has opened up several restaurants in the Omaha area. But as the city grew, Henery started to close and sell his restaurants.

"When I came here 32 years ago there was 16 restaurants and bars in the Old Market. There's 60. Six zero today in the old market," said Henery.

Susie Svendsen started working at the restaurant with her sister 28 years ago. Her daughter has been working at the restaurant for the last 16 years.

"I also have another sister who works part-time down here lori. she's been here 21 years and then I also have a neice who works here too named Heather, so we have a lot of family here," said Svendsen.

With just a few days left under the same roof Svendsen says she's making a few more memories with the people that matter most in her life.

"I am going to miss my co-workers, my customers, my regulars. I mean I am going to miss everything about this place," said Svendsen.

Michael's Cantina's last day is Friday, September 27th.