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Scams around the Metro

Posted at 7:10 AM, Apr 13, 2018

In recent few weeks, authorities from several Metro department have reported scams in the Omaha area.

Missing jury duty

On April 3, Sarpy County officials reported a scam in which the suspects identify themselves as a Sarpy County judge and attempt to collect fines for missing jury duty or a court date. The Sheriff's Office says not to send any form of payment to anyone who identifies themselves as a Sarpy County judge.

Disconnection notices

A man in Sarpy County with the phone number 634-482-8470 is claiming to be a representative from Nebraska Energy claiming he has disconnection notices for their address.

Council Bluffs Police fundraiser

In late March, it was reported to the Council Bluffs Police Department that residents were receiving items soliciting money for a department fundraiser. The department does not do fundraising.

Tax Scams

With tax day less than a week away, there are several tax scams to keep an eye out for ranging from phishing emails and "business email compromises."

Stolen ATVs

The Omaha Police Department is investigating a crime trend in which suspects are making contact with sellers to purchase ATVs or dirt bikes. Once they arrive at the meeting destination, the suspects take the vehicles on a test drive off and either do not return or offer a broke or stolen cell phone as "collateral."

How to avoid scams

Some best practices include:

  • Involve a third party in any purchase.
  • Immediately notify local authorities if you do fall victim.
  • Meeting up in person at a local police precinct (see map below) to exchange money.

For more information on how to avoid or report scams, visit the Federal Trade Commission website. If you have information regarding senior-citizen fraud, contact Senate Special Committee on Aging’s toll-free fraud hotline at 1-855-303-9470 or submit a complaint online.