Secret valentines for seniors

Posted at 5:03 PM, Feb 08, 2017
Hundreds of volunteers are making valentines for seniors across Omaha. Seven thousand valentines, to be exact!
One of those groups of volunteers: employees at Physicians Mutual. Wednesday they gave up their ham sandwich for hugs and kisses, markers and glue sticks. It's the second year volunteers have valentined, making cards by hand for seniors at 43 care communities across Omaha.
It's through Community 360: think Big Brothers Big Sisters, but for seniors. Today, everyone helped out for different reasons. From different backgrounds. From the employee who has been there for just a year to the one whose been their for 35, to the VP of the company.
"With community 360. They help ease the pain of loneliness of our local nursing homes. It's the primary focus as we age and that's our focus at Physicians Mutual," Mike Wade, Senior VP and CFO said. 
Volunteers across the city are making 7,000 valentines for seniors in 43 different care communities. They will be delivered by 35 groups on Valentines Day.