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Security concerns addressed at gaming tournament at Baxter Arena

Security addressed for gaming tournament
Posted at 10:32 PM, Sep 07, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-07 23:32:10-04

Hundreds of gamers have set up their consoles in Baxter Arena for an all-night event for charity.

Nearly 500 gamers will spend 26 hours at the arena for the NETWAR 35.0 gaming tournament.

While one never thinks a tragedy, like the shooting that occurred at the EA tournament in Jacksonville last month, safety at this Omaha event was on people's minds. 

"Safety and security are always important. We want everybody to be safe and have fun in a safe environment," said Event Director Travis Kreikemeier.

Kreikemeier said they didn't add extra security for this event.

"Baxter Arena already has decent security that they use for all of their events so there already is law enforcement on the premise at all times," added Kreikemeier. 

Some gamers did notice a difference, however.

"There were a couple cop cars sitting out front, it wasn't really patted down or anything but you can tell there's a heightened sense of security," said Irwin Foxcroft, who has attended several of the events.

"NETWAR staff did a great job of actually communicating that to us because they sent out an email like a week before the event, I was actually going to send them an email asking about security and I think there is actually some security presence here more so than other events that we've had," said Foxcroft.

Proceeds of the event will support the Children's Hospital and Medical Center.