Sen. Kintner admits to cyber sex, won't resign

Posted at 4:45 PM, Aug 05, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-05 19:02:18-04

A state commission fined married Nebraska Lawmaker Bill Kintner from Papillion for engaging in cybersex with a woman on his state computer.  The governor is calling on the embattled state senator to resign.

The Accountability and Disclosure Commission released the full report in the incident that includes the NSP investigation, emails, and messages sent between Kintner and the woman.

Nebraska State Patrol reports indicate in July 2015, Kintner  exchanged sexual messages with a woman through his Facebook fan page. 

The two then engaged in cyber sex on Skype, a video chatting service. 

The woman allegedly said she'd put the video online, if he didn't pay her $4,500. 

Kintner says he was new to using Skype and didn’t realize he had done it on his work laptop.

"Worst case is I learn how to use Skype, she takes her clothes off, I'll just back out and leave; no harm no foul.  It wasn't that easy, it just wasn't that easy,” Sen. Kintner explained. 

"You really can take failure and make it into success with a true confession, and I've got to tell you I feel better that it's just out and I can get it behind me.”

Friday, the Nebraska Accountability and Disclosure Commission fined him $1,000 for using his work computer, paid for by taxpayers, to commit the explicit act.

Governor Pete Ricketts and some senators including Ernie Chambers are calling for his resignation.

"Whenever an elected official violates the public trust that's the worst thing any of us can do.  Not only did he misuse the government property but that act also involved moral turpitude,” Sen. Chambers described.  "I've got to do everything that I can to purge it of that wrongdoing scallywag."

Kintner says he won't resign and that his constituents can still trust him because he's confessed to what he's done.

"This is not a political decision, this decision is me being obedient to God and we know what happens when I'm not.  We know what happens when I go off on my own and do my own thing.  I'm not doing that ever again,” Sen. Kintner concluded.

Senator Chambers says he will draft a resolution of impeachment to get Kintner out of office for good.  If that doesn't work, he'll make a motion to expel him.