Senator to start tour touting medical cannabis

Posted at 11:11 PM, Nov 30, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-01 00:11:23-05
The push to legalize medical cannabis is gaining momentum as state Senator Tommy Garrett is about to start a state-wide tour. 
Sen. Garrett's bill aims to legalize an oil form of marijuana for Nebraskans suffering from certain illnesses and diseases. 
"I feel very passionately about this, a lot of patients, a lot of people, a lot of Nebraskans can benefit from medical cannabis," said Sen. Garrett. 
Hoping to gain the support of his fellow colleagues, Sen. Garrett is taking his message on the road to four different communities.
"Nebraskans have asked us to come out to their districts to increase of medical cannabis so that's exactly what we are going to do," said Sen. Garrett. 
Sen. Garrett traveled to Minnesota in October to take a look at how their operations are working. The Nebraska bill is written almost exactly like Minnesota's. 
"No problems at all, no law enforcement issues since they've implemented the program," said Sen. Garrett. 
However earlier in November, a law enforcement officer from Colorado shared his experience on how the state is doing since implementing their marijuana laws. 
"It has not saved law enforcement any time, any money by legalizing, said Sgt. Jame Gerhardt of Thornton, Colorado. "Banning marijuana is a much cheaper alternative then trying to legalize it."
"That infuriates me, I was not able to make that meeting," said Sen. Garrett.
Sen. Garrett says Colorado's laws and this Cannabis Compassion Act is like comparing apples and Oranges. 
"This is not a law enforcement issue, this is a medical issue," said Sen. Garrett. 
The goal of this bill Sen. Garrett said is to try to help those who have no other options. "They are desperate, they have no other alternatives there's not people looking to get stoned, looking to get high".

Wednesday, December 2nd:


10AM CST Norfolk City Hall Council Chambers (NW Corner)

309 N 5th St. Norfolk, NE 68701


1:30PM CST

Dakota County Building

The Board Commissioners Hearing Room (1st Floor)

1601 Broadway St.

Dakota City, NE 68731

Friday December 4th:



North Platte Public Transit Building

1520 N. Jeffers St.

North Platte, NE 69101


2:30PM MST

Gering City Hall

City Council Chambers

1025 P St.

Gering, NE 69341