"Serial Rapist" pleads no contest in court

Posted at 4:20 PM, Jun 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-06-13 18:22:41-04

For about 2 years prosecutors say Christopher Ennis, 29, preyed on women in northeast Omaha.  They charged him with sexual assault or attempted sexual assault on eight different women.

Monday Ennis pleads no contest to two counts of sexual assault.  Seven other charges are dismissed.

“We met with all the victims who were cooperating with us and ran this by them.  They were very pleased that they wouldn't have to go further in court testifying or court testimony and the defendant was looking at 100 years,” said Douglas Co. Attorney Don Kleine.

Douglas County District Court Judge Mark Ashford finds Ennis guilty of sneaking up behind his victims, choking them, dragging them to an alley or secluded area, and raping them.

Almost all of them happened from 2011-2013 and within about a one mile radius of his address which was listed near 28th & Corby St.  Some were able to pick him out of a photo lineup.  One woman led police to Ennis by identifying his vehicle, but it was the DNA evidence that ultimately secured the convictions.

Kleine says a big stipulation is that all the victims in this case will have the chance to tell the judge how Ennis terrorized them.

"Well ask for a very high sentence in this respect.  He's been convicted of these two rapes, he's a 'Serial Rapist' and we think he should be held responsible for these," Kleine explained.

Ennis' attorney declined to comment Monday morning.  He will be sentenced in September.