"Serial Shoplifter" investigated in theft case

Posted at 4:53 PM, Dec 21, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-21 18:24:44-05

Police say a “Serial Shoplifter" is being investigated for another high dollar theft incident.

Cedric King is charged with 3 counts of felony shoplifting at a Walgreens, Advance Auto Parts, and a Family Dollar Store in the last few months.

Court documents indicate king is wanted in connection to shoplifting at Eye Optics on 81st & West Center Road because of surveillance and similar vehicle descriptions.

The video shows three people come in one distracts the doctor's receptionist while the other steals 35 pairs of designer glasses valued at $17,000 before the store actually opens.  They are confronted by an employee showing up to work before they leave.

"We provide the best service, the best product, and the best doctors and when you have someone that can come in in 2 minutes and take your things you picked out personally for your patients by the handfuls and just shove them into their coat leave, and now we're trying to track them down it's very frustrating, it's very frustrating,” said Robin Brush, the Optical Manager at Eye Optics.
King did plead guilty to one felony shoplifting count, and awaits trial on two others.  He’s already served prison time for theft and forgery. 

Police are still investigating but haven't linked him to any other crimes.  If you have information on King, or who the other two people in the video are contact the Omaha Police Department at 402-444-7867.