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Shareholder's meeting brought downtown business

Posted at 10:40 PM, May 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-06 23:40:32-04

Every year stores in the Old Market say they prepare for the big Berkshire Hathaway weekend.

Overland says they make sure inventory is stocked and they are fully staffed.

Those large crowds kept workers busy and cash registers ringing.

"There's a lot of opportunities here and a lot of things to see," said Jack Putnack.

People in Omaha just for the weekend say they are truly enjoying their time in the city.

"It's very small compared to where I am from, but its very boutique I have to say."

Crowds filled the Old Market and the Capitol District for Berkshire Hathaway weekend, and local businesses say they are making the most of it.

"We prepare really well to have the right amount of inventory, we track the weather so we have the right type of products," said Kristina Vakoc.

"Ultimately our biggest goals is to get the out of towners a little more comfortable with the district so when they come back it's their go to spot," said Rachel Halbmaier.

Store manager of Overland Kristina Vakoc says the weekend was busy but overall, a total success.

"To handle the crowd that comes, we have to make sure we have the staff to support business, but also make sure we give them a good experience," said Vakoc.

Vakoc says at least a couple hundred customers came through the door Saturday.

Eager to be in Omaha, and eager to buy.

"The group of people coming in are so friendly, they are from all over the world and business has been fantastic," said Vakoc.

Jack Putnack says it's the Old Market's shopping experience keeping him coming back.

"I've been coming since 1983 and I really enjoyed it especially this year.

Making a point to come downtown whenever he's in Omaha.

"I try to come every other day while I am here,  I really like it a lot," said Putnack.