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Sheepdog aims to protect Omaha churches

Posted at 5:24 PM, Nov 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-16 18:24:32-05

Violence on church grounds is on the rise.

"People are going to attack the church because they don’t expect resistance," said Jimmy Meeks.

The number of deaths continues to increase.

"This year in 2017 we set a new all time high, 108 deaths have occurred on church and faith based properties," said Meeks.

Jimmy Meeks is the owner of Sheepdog; his seminars teach people the skills to survive a violent attack.

"Since 1999 close to 800 people have died on faith based properties,” said Meeks.

“Just as many people are dying on faith based properties as there are in school shootings," said Meeks.

With no plan, Meeks says churches are at risk.

"They think we are in the house of the lord, it’s safe, and that's not true,” said Meeks.

“It's a building, putting the word church on a sign out front, or steeple in no way guarantees that violence won’t occur there,” said Meeks.

Brookside Church Pastor John Houston is having Meeks speak to his congregation.

"We have people's lives at stake and they are counting on being able to enter our doors and have a safe environment to praise and worship god," said John Houston.

"We are asking people to do the same thing they do when they go home at night and secure their homes and lock their doors,” said Meeks.

“Why would you do anything less when you gather to worship?" said Meeks.

Meeks says the biggest obstacle is being unaware and ill prepared.

"Wake up churches and have a plan in place just in case what happened in Sutherland, Texas happens at your church," said Meek.

The seminar is this Friday and Saturday. 

There is a registration fee.

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