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Shooting at North Freeway/U.S 75 leaves man in critical condition

Posted: 5:51 PM, Jan 08, 2018
Updated: 2018-01-09 12:27:26Z

Omaha Police are investigating a shooting on Highway 75 Monday morning. 

According to an OPD spokesperson, the victim walked into the CHI Health Clinic on 24th and Cuming around 2:45 a.m. and was transferred to CUMC Bergan Mercy in critical condition.  

The victim was identified as 27-year-old Marvell Minor, according to a release. 

Neighbors nearby the shooting area say they're concerned about caught in the cross-fire. 

"I just feel like they need to stop because it can hit any of these houses and there's kids everywhere," said  Idumynisha Bushgrant. "At first I was like - it could have been us - I mean a crossfire type thing. Bullets don't have a name."

Monday's shooting is the second time in two months that a shooting shut down this part of the North Freeway.

In early November, a shooting in the southbound lanes near the Hamilton Street overpass left 21-year-old Xavier Bass dead and 24-year-old Marcus Eiland injured. 

Idumynisha Bushgrant lives near the are of the shooting and grew up with Bass.

"I was shaken up because I couldn't believe he was gone type of thing. I couldn't believe he was put in a position type thing to where his life had to end," said Bushgrant.

Trevon Wesley has lived in the neighborhood along Highway 75 for 15 years. Monday's shooting brings back tough memories tied to the November incident on Highway 75. 

"I lost a relative and I don't want to see it happen to anybody else," said Wesley.

Both the young Omahans have a message - to put a stop to the violence.

"It's a lot of emotions because in Omaha, a lot of people are gone. Everyday, you wake up and it's just oh somebody else got shot, somebody else got shot. It's not new," said Bushgrant.

"This is a good neighborhood usually. No violence. But with that happening and that gives the neighborhood and the city a bad reputation,"said Wesley. 

"My city is a great city. Grateful people that work hard. It's a work hard city and when tragic things like that happen. It's sad it's very emotional."

The Monday morning shooting caused the North Freeway to close between Hamilton and Lake for several hours.

No suspect has been named.