Officer Kenneth Rowe is a 17-year veteran

Posted at 10:11 AM, May 20, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-22 11:09:03-04

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) -- Omaha Police has released the name of the officer who discharged his duty handgun on Friday morning, killing 31-year-old Joshua Beebee.


Officer Kenneth Rowe, a 17-year veteran officer, was placed on administrative leave per OPD policy after he discharged his Glock, Model 17, 9mm handgun. Officer Rowe shot  the handgun seven times during the incident.


OPD said in a press release that this is supported by video evidence and seven 9mm casings were recovered from the scene. The preliminary results from the autopsy on Beebee showed that he was hit by at least six bullets.


An interview with Officer Rowe has been completed, OPD said. Officer Rowe stated in the interview that when he drove his cruiser through the field, he could see the knife in Beebee’s hand. Officer Rowe also saw the apartment buildings and several citizens standing on the east side of the field.


Officer Rowe fired his handgun at Beebee in fear of his own safety. Officer Rowe stated that he had no other option than deadly force to mitigate the threat, according to the release.


This investigation is still ongoing. OPD said at this point in the investigation all witness and officer interviews have been completed. All interviews are consistent with the available video evidence and scene evidence. Per state law, a Grand Jury will be convened to investigate the actions of the officers.




Omaha Police officials said shooting occurred on 165th St. and West Maple Road Friday morning. 

OPD officials said that they received the call after 9:42 am of a black male armed with the knife.

When officers arrived to the scene, they had a short pursuit with the suspect.

The pursuit ended when an altercation happened and then shots were fired.

OPD identified the man shot as  31-year-old Joshua S, Beebee.

Authorities say that Beebee was taken to the UNMC where he died from his injuries.   

OPD officials say the investigation is ongoing.

Officials say that seven civilian witnesses have been interviewed at this point in the investigation.