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Shop Fair Trade sale at Harvest Community Church

Posted: 8:56 AM, Nov 09, 2018
Updated: 2018-11-09 09:56:15-05

Years ago a parishioner at Harvest Community Church got the idea to host a fair trade sale after traveling to Colombia.  Kim Vennerstrom witnessed first hand how hard it is for people there to make fair and living wages.  She thought their creations would sell well in Omaha and that is how the Harvest Fair Trade Sale came about. 

The more than 4,000 items for sale in the basement of Harvest Community Church are from around the globe and behind every item you will find a story. 

"These are ornaments made by boys who would otherwise be working in the Colombian coal mines," said parishioner Kim Vennerstrom. 

Selling the ornaments made from Colombian coal to America, is how these young boys make money.  It is also how many women living in poverty stricken parts of the world survive. 

"When you look around this room I can tell you stories of so many tragic things, but out of it god is redeeming them and these beautiful things are made," said Nicki Silva. 

This will be the third year Nicki Silva and Kim Vennerstrom along with the help of other volunteers, have put on the Harvest Fair Trade Sale.  

"We don't keep any of the money here.  All of the money goes back to all of these countries," said Silva. 

Fair Trade allows the artisan to earn a fair and living wage for what they made.  Here at the sale you are guaranteed to find a one of a kind holiday present, a gift that will bless twice. 

"First you bless the person that you give it to because you are giving them a really cool piece and next you are blessing the person who made it," said Silva. 

In it's first year the sale brought in $15,000 and last year it made $25,000. They are hoping to exceed that this year.  The sale runs from 10-7 on Friday and 10-4 on Saturday.  Harvest Community Church is located near 39th and Cuming Street.