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Significant storm damage in Fremont

High winds blew down lots of trees and they lost several structures of transmission line.
Posted at 7:01 PM, Jun 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-24 20:01:36-04

FREMONT, Neb. (KMTV) - Downed power lines, power poles and scattered power outages are just some of the damage the City of Fremont is experiencing.

Dan Klingsick, a Line Crew Supervisor for the Fremont Department of Utilities says they lost multiple structures of transmission line.

"This is the worst spot I've seen so far, but obviously it involves quite a bit of transmission line that we're dealing with," Klingsick said.

Klingsick says there is still a lot of work to do.

"The other side of town around the bypass, we did lose another transmission line down across the bypass. Kind of the same scenario as here, there's another crew working on that at this time," Klingsick said.

One resident living on North Luther Road remembers a power outage.

"I hadn't looked at my clock, I sleep with a fan on in my bedroom and it was not running, so that's what happened," Kent Adams said.

Klingsick said that once crews got called in they started surveying the damage.

"Made a plan of how to restore it and that's where we're at," Klingsick said.

Highway 30 just west of the 77 Junction on the north side of Fremont will be closed in both directions until further notice.