Signs: Crosswalk near Dundee Elementary to be removed

Posted at 11:16 PM, Jul 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-26 00:19:41-04

There's an uproar on social media and in the Dundee community about a crosswalk.

The city has signs posted saying the crosswalk traffic lights at 51st and Farnam streets, and at 52nd and Chicago streets are going to be removed.

Residents of this neighborhood say the worry the move will place the children of Dundee Elementary in danger.

Tonight, the lights were still up and flashing, and members of the Dundee Elementary Parent Teacher Organization and other residents were at those intersections tonight to talk about why they are not happy.

"We think it's a horrible idea because our children use this path every day to go to school — It's our connection to Dundee Elementary specifically,” said Jill Moeller, president of the Dundee Elementary PTO. “This light leads to the Dundee Subway and its underpass that goes under Dodge so our kids can get to school safe."

Dundee resident and parent Greg Murdock agreed.

"Our kids cross this every single day, couple times a day,” Murdock said. “I've got three kids. We can see this walk from there. To get rid of this is dangerous."

Councilman Chris Jerram is on their side, tweeting tonight that removing those crosswalks "is a dangerous proposition to kids."

The Dundee PTO posted on a message on its Facebook page tonight urging families to tell the city to leave the crosswalks alone.

They have also posted phone numbers to the mayor’s hotline and to public works.

Tonight we called public works; they told us they are taking comments for about 50-90 days and will then evaluate.