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Small plane misses runway at millard airport

Posted at 6:32 PM, Jul 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-27 19:32:48-04

"They over corrected and then nose dived and landed into the grass right over there," said Kaitlyn Davis.

Kaitlyn Davis watched it all happen. 

"I was driving this way, I saw the plane coming in, it was ahead of me and it was coming in pretty low," said Davis.

"It was kind of wobbling all over the place and looked like they were going to miss the runway," said Davis.

Davis says she immediately dialed 911 afraid something tragic had happened. 

"I know Memorial Day Weekend it was that fatal crash here, so my t first concern was to make sure everyone was ok," said Davis.

"911 was called right away," said Davis.

Davis says emergency crews arrived within minutes.

"You always think the worst, prepare for the worst, but we had a good response and everyone did a great job," said Jeff Andersen.

Witnesses say it looked a lot worse than it turned out, but the pilot and his passenger walked away with no injuries.

"Came in slow, landed short of runway 112, ended up on grass," said Tim Conahan.

"Nose gear ended up collapsing on it and the propeller went into the ground," said Conahan.

"No one was transported or injured," said Conahan.

Although there have been a few accidents at Millard Airport this year, including a crash that killed two people, the Omaha Airport Authority says it's safe.

 "Aviation is still one of the safest transportation means currently out there and the FAA will do their investigation and determine if it was mechanical or pilot error, that will be their investigation to figure out," said Conahan.