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Snow removal businesses deal with salt shortage ahead of winter storm

Posted at 10:45 PM, Feb 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-21 23:47:08-05

Snow removal contractors are also getting ready for an early wake-up call to begin plowing and salting. 

"We'll use everything we have so we'll use about 50 tons," said Jon Wilson, owner of Omaha Turf Management.

Omaha Turf owner Jon Wilson says with so many back-to-back winter storms, finding rock salt is a challenge. 

"Earlier this month we had six events in seven days. Every one of those events we had to put salt down on lots, on the roads, so there's a big shortage of all suppliers," said Wilson.

Fortunately, Wilson received a supply of salt just before the first flakes start to fly.

"We got a couple semi loads in. I feel very fortunate that our stars aligned just perfect and I got it in today and I know there's a lot of suppliers that don't have salt for the storm coming in tonight," said Wilson.

True North Outdoors is receiving more than a dozen semi-trucks of salt ahead of several rounds of winter weather expected to hit Omaha. 

"There's two hundred tons in there right now," said Mike Ware. "So, by Friday morning this entire bin will be completely filled with about a thousand tons." 

Mike ware says he expects the snow removal business to go through about 750 tons of salt, and about 3 to 4 truckloads of bagged product.

"This is because of the storms that were back to back two weeks ago. So the cities and the DOTs ran out. They suck up a lot of salt. Especially trucks to haul that salt," said Ware.

Omaha Public Works says they've used more salt than usual this years. They've used about 40,000 tons of salt compared to the average of 30,000 tons. Public Works is receiving truckloads of salt on a daily basis.