Snow storm made slick conditions for drivers

Posted at 5:31 PM, Dec 24, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-24 18:31:57-05

Snow made the roads slick and dangerous Thursday morning. At least half a foot of snow fell across Omaha, nine inches in some places.

Wheels were spinning, some barely moving, by 7 this morning.

At 90th and Western, cars were sliding, or stuck in a crowd.

Shari Duminoi was heading to work, but gave up and went back home after 40 minutes of driving.

“Lots of accidents, I mean pickup trucks were swerving in the ditch, and I thought this wasn't worth it,” said Duminoi.

Helpful people did what they could, but at 72nd near Blondo, stalled cars on the hill made staying home a better option.

The city said they called in crews at 3:30 Thursday morning, most crews were working by 6 am.

“We didn't pre-treat this storm, we did but brine down, there was a lot liquid out from the rain that we had yesterday, and we still had some warm temperatures and our forecast was for a lot less snow so we didn't pre treat,” said Street Maintenance Engineer Austin Rowser.

By noon, the city had called in 100 of its own crews and 100 more contractors. They will be out all evening and into Christmas day working to get all the roads clear.