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Snowy road conditions in southwestern Iowa

Snowy road conditions in southwestern Iowa
Posted at 5:48 PM, Jan 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-01-24 18:48:41-05

PERCIVAL, Iowa (KMTV) — School districts in Southwest Iowa canceled classes Thursday.

3 News Now received word of huge problems with blowing snow on highways around the southern part of our viewing area.

On Highway 2 in Percival, Iowa the roads were layered with snow with trucks and cars spraying the powder in all directions.

"I think the plow drivers slept in this morning, said Bob Stiles, a trucker driver stopping at a local rest stop. "I hit quite a few drifts."

"They're a little slick and a lot of snow in spots but not bad," said William Ackman, a truck driver heading up to Omaha.

Exit 10 on Highway 29 is a popular stop for truckers like Stiles and is a good resting place between Kansas City and Omaha .

"I was traveling mostly east and the wind was blowing across the highway so there have been a few drifts across the road," Stiles said.

For Barbara Lehman, her drive up on the interstate from Kansas wasn't too bad.

"The roads are pretty good," Lehman said. "There's hard wind blowing but they're all free of ice and snow and there is no cars in the ditches."

The winter winds have been tough on the truckers.

"There's been snow blowing over the roads, I've ran in to white out conditions a couple of times," said Earl Ross, a trucker driver heading across Iowa.

"We have a high-profile vehicle," Ackman said. "13-foot, 14-foot high and the wind hits you broadside, especially on ice it can cause you to jackknife."

While the plows are pushing away the snow, the professional drivers have some great advice, to take your time.

"Nobody will be upset with that as long as they can get around you at some point," Stiles said. "Be courteous about that because we're not all on vacation."