Soldiers Welcomed Home for the Holidays

Posted at 6:25 PM, Dec 21, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-21 19:25:04-05

First Lieutenant Jared Baker is one of 45 members of the 192nd Law and Order Detachment who are back home tonight, after spending 10 months deployed overseas.


"Just how I proud of him I was, and to see him so happy to see everyone," said Shawn Mitchell, Jared's mother, “that was exciting.”


The unit left for the Persian Gulf area in February. Their mission involved completing internal police operations and other duties at a military base.


 Many saw their children for the first time since February, but for Michael Gillott, it was the first time he got to hold his five-month old son, Talan. Gillott was able experience Talan’s birth on Skype, but says it did not compare to being present to see the birth of his two older sons.


"Oh it was way different,” Gillott said, “I wasn't here for [Talan].”


This homecoming arrives as a gift to families just days before Christmas.


"Glad to be back by Christmas," said Josh Armon, "definitely a Christmas present, it was all I wanted."