Some restaurants remain on list to renew permits

Posted at 11:18 AM, Feb 09, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-09 13:39:35-05

Only 85 businesses remained on a list compiled by the Douglas County Health Department for restaurants that need to renew their permit Tuesday.

The agency said businesses that didn’t pay their fees were going to be closed for operating without a permit and issued a misdemeanor citation.

The original list made public Monday contained 165 food and drink establishments, but has been reduced as business owners take care of the paperwork.

See the updated list provided Tuesday morning below:

20th Street Liquor, 1928 Leavenworth St.
Abarrotes Plaza 13, 1732 S 13th St.
Alexander’s Bar-B-Q, 4011 Cuming St.
Amsterdam Falafel, 620 N 50th St.
Apna Bazaar Food,2809 S 125th Ave.
Aramark Refreshment Service, 4415 S 89th St.
Astoria Biyrani, 10841 Q St., Ste. 105
Basket Food, 4518 S 24th St.
Bernie’s Pizza, 5092 S 136th St.
Big Kahuna Kettle Corn, 13602 N 66th St.
Boondockers, 5222 N 120th St.
Buffalo Company, 4725 S 96th St.
Cateus Pita, 7211 Farnam St., Ste. D
Chaima, 5060 S 107th St.
Club 5216, 5216 N 24th St.
Club Equis Inc, 5017 S 24th St.
Dairy Queen/Orange Julius, 10000 California St.
Darbys Tavern, 6503 Sunshine Dr.
Delias Candies, 4621 S 24th St.
Dundee Theatre, 4952 Dodge St.
Econo Lodge/Douglas St., 2211 Douglas St.
Einstein’s Café, 5710 N 30th St.
El Alamo, 4917 S. 24th St.
Fan Tan Club, 5915 Center St.
Finicky Franks, 9520 Calhoun Rd.
Firehouse Subs, 17010 Wright Plz, No. 145
Frosty Treats Inc., 2616 Gomez Ave.
Fruitmade, 110 N 9th St.
Geno’s Bar & Grill, 3821 N 167th Crt.
Godfather’s Pizza/N 90, 2310 No 90th St.
Goodies Gas and Tobacco, 2475 N 90th St.
Harvest, 16909 Lakeside Hills Plaza, Ste. 118
Heritage Food and Wine, 316 S 15th St.
Holiday Inn Express, 10729 J St.
Homestyle Café, 8807 Maple St.
I Don’t Care Bar, 15244 W. Maple Rd
International Café, 2416 Farnam St.
Its All About Bees, 8540 Park Dr.
JD’s Dogs, 4518 S 24th St.
Jefferson’s, 17520 Wright St.
Joby C’s, LLC., 2514 Leavenworth St.
Joe Bananas, 1022 S 10th St.
Journey’s Bar & Grill, 2236 N 91st Plz.
Kiefer’s Bar and Grill, 9523 Q St.
La Casita, 3302 Q St.
LaQuinta Inn, 10760 M St.
LaQuinta Inn, 3330 N 104th Ave.
Las Famosas Push Car, 4623 S. 33rd St.
Last Call, 4302 S 42nd St.
Little King, 508 S 12th St.
Mariscos Los Willy’s Mobile, 3215 Q St.
Mary’s Tortilleria LLC., 3302 Q St.
McGregor’s Garden, 210 S 16th St.
Mexirican, 1702 S 10th St.
Midwest African Super Market, 4644 Dodge St.
Midwest Oriental Food and Gift, 2920 S. 84th St.
Mr. Goodcents Subs, 759 N 114th St.
Mr. Goodcents Subs/Pasta, 17676 Welch Plz., Ste. 8
Namaste Bazaar, 115 N 40th St.
Oasis Hooka Bar and Café, 1507 Farnam St.
Odonnel’s Popcorn, 5013 Grover St.
Omaha Private Chef, 7515 Pacific St.
Omaha Tropical Market, 2312 N 72nd St.
OxNBull BBQ, 16220 Arbor St.
Paleteria Y Neveric La Michoaccas, 4002 ½ S 24th St.
QDoba Mexican Grill, 222 N Saddle Creek Rd.
Ramblin Ron’s Mobile Café, 1505 Ave. N
Residence Inn by Marriott, 106 S 15th St.
Safari Ice Cream, 14733 Adams Cir.
Sambuza Café, 2425 Douglas St., Ste. 9
Savory Spice Shop, 10919 Elm St.
Sean O’Casey’s, 2523 S. 140th Ave.
Shop-A-Latte, 16950 Wright Plz.
Soulful Lounge, 3825 N 30th St.
Subway, 6009 Maple St., 
Subzimundi, 2320 N 72nd St.
Sudanese Grocery Mart, 3125 Leavenworth St.
Taco VIP, 3302 Q St.
The 108, 5059 S 108th St.
The Works, 12110 Emmett St.
Van Fleet Mobile Meat Retail, 7615 Park Dr.
Waldo’s Pub, 5936 Q St.
Well Grounded, 707 S 24th St.
Wil Dogie Dogs N More, 4724 N 24th St.
Wong’s Hunan Garden, 5050 S 108th St.
Yozone Frozen Yogurt, 17676 Welch Plz.

Already some businesses are no longer listed as "delinquent" after paying their fees:

  • Joe Bananas
  • McGregor Garden
  • Astoria Biryani
  • Subzimundi
  • 20th St. Liquor
  • Fan Tan Club
  • Residence Inn
  • The Works
  • Keifer's Bar and Grill
  • Savory Spice Shop
  • I Don't Care Bar