Sprint outage impacts 911

Posted at 10:18 PM, Dec 13, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-13 23:18:23-05

The impact of an early morning fire in Downtown Omaha caused problems for Sprint customers.

The fire was in the electrical room at the Sprint Exchange Center near 7th and Leavanworth around 5am.  
One man suffered a critical injury when he was shocked.

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The fire caused a Sprint outage for hundreds of customers all day on Tuesday, and affected 911.

Sprint said in a statement, “Due to a fire that occurred in Omaha earlier today, we are rerouting traffic which may impact customers. As some 911 service may be impacted, customers are encouraged to use an alternate method.”

Douglas county 911 said Sprint callers were able to call 911, but limited information was given to call takers.

“A Sprint customer when they are dialing 911, we do not get the normal information that is associated with the call, such as their location and call back number,” said 911 Director of Douglas County, David Sleeter.

Sleeter said when the lack of information is available to the dispatcher; they had to rely on the caller.

“So it is very important they stay on the line with the call taker here at the 911 center so we can get all the information that we need directly from the caller.” 

Sprint did advise that texting 911 was another option but Sleeter said that with this outage callers may not have had that option unless they were in WIFI.