STA hires more bus drivers, parents still angry

Posted at 11:11 PM, Sep 19, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-20 00:14:08-04

The Omaha Public School District's contracted bus company, Student Transportation of America updated the OPS board on its progress after six weeks of bus problems. 

STA's Vice President of Operations David Prince said they have hired 38 new drivers since the beginning of August and have 435 drivers right now, hoping to have a total of 465 by the end of October. 

Prince also said many other drivers are currently in training, 23 are in the 14-day CDL process. 

However problems of delayed buses still remain. 

One parent who spoke out was Dustin Clark, a father of two OPS students, one in elementary school the other going to Omaha North high school. 

Clark said his daughter has three bus numbers and none of them are hers and his high school son had to wait in the rain for over an hour outside of school to be taken home. 

That's not his only gripe with STA, he said when he calls the hotline the person answering the phones laughs at him and eventually hangs up. 

"Last week when I called about my son waiting outside they told me there is a bus your son is an idiot and can't find it my son has taken the bus since kindergarten in the parking lot--calling my son an idiot is not acceptable," said Clark. 

Also speaking out was a bus driver who understands the problems the STA and OPS are facing and hopes it gets resolved to ensure the safety of the students. 

"You have a loyal hardworking people that are doing their best to help solve the transportation problem we are at your service we are at your will and demand," said 17-year bus driver William Koudele.

OPS is currently undergoing an auditing process to understand what went wrong to avoid this problem the following school year.