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State, national organizations highlight tobacco cessation

Posted at 6:52 PM, Nov 12, 2018

Monday's snow flurries remind Brian Ortner of Christmas time and this holiday season is a big milestone for him.

"It will be 10 years on Christmas Eve of this year that I became a former smoker," Ortner said. "I didn't follow a cessation route, although it's a great tool, but I had a unique story."

Over 20 groups, including the American Cancer Society and the state of Nebraska are pooling their efforts into highlighting resources available to smokers looking to quit.

The American Lung Association offers a program helping smokers for at least 30 years. It's the Freedom from Smoking program, combining group and nicotine therapy.

"Studies show that the greatest success is the two combining together," said Erin Smith of the American Lung Association. "The great thing about freedom from smoking is it offers both."

The American Cancer Society says trying multiple methods is the best way to break the habit.

And as for Brian's story:

"I had my two oldest boys ask me, 'would you quit smoking for Christmas?' And I made the agreement on Christmas Eve 10 years ago that I would stop."