Stone Park neighborhood concerned about new apartment development

Posted at 5:30 PM, Mar 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-06 18:30:17-05
It's one of the fastest growing parts of the metro area and on track to speed up that growth.
A new Omaha high school is slated for 156th and Ida and now developers want to add a nearby apartment complex.
But some neighbors worry it could be too much, too fast.
"We're doubling almost our neighborhood size," said Gina Hodge, neighbor.
"A lot of cars. A lot of cars," said Adam Maczynaski, neighbor. 
"You have to go through the neighborhood to get to their house, which there's nothing else like it in Omaha," said Hodges. 
The proposed apartment complex sitting on 18 acres of farmland on the corner of 156th and Ida will bring added traffic straight through the Stone Park neighborhood. 
"Adding that traffic is going to be brutal. It's going to be tough," said Maczynaski. He's lived in the neighborhood for 13 years. 
Neighbors say a proposed OPS high school just streets away would add to the headache.
"I am just worried about how the kids who live in that apartment complex are going to school. Because they are going to have to come out. Walk up this street and get down to go to high school," said Hodges.
Both neighbors say they moved out here for the peaceful atmosphere. 
"So we decided on this area because there's an open field back there and parks and a community center," said Hodges. 
"I moved out to this neighborhood because it's out in the rural part of Omaha and it was nice having a field behind my house," said Maczynaski.
And they're concerned about the effects on home value. They say the neighborhood is against the complex.
"The value is going to go down. And that's a tough pill to swallow but it if it's coming, it's coming," said Maczynaski."This isn't a well thought out plan here. They're think more dollars than we are about the neighborhood and the community."
Worries about traffic and a fence that'll enclose the complex are so strong - residents warn more for sale signs will be popping up in the future.
"There's been two new listings since the meeting. I mean people don't want to back up to apartments," said Hodges. 
"It's heartbreaking because like I said, the kids, we haven't moved and we've talked about moving but the kids really enjoy the community here," said Maczynaski.
We reached out to Omaha City Council members and the City Planning Board - no one was available for comment at the time of airing. 
KMTV Action 3 News also reached out to the developer behind the project - Burlington Capital - they declined to comment.