Stores hope wintery weather doesn't hurt sales

Posted at 11:04 PM, Nov 25, 2015
and last updated 2015-11-26 00:04:10-05

For many, the Thanksgiving turkey is followed by Black Friday deals but some retailers are keeping a close eye on the weather hoping cold temps don't lead to short lines.

Shoppers are starting to pack the stores as retailers gear up for the busiest time of the year. 

"This is like game time for us, this is the season and this is when it all happens," said Nebraska Crossing Outlets Johanna Boston.

And it's game time for shoppers, looking for the best deals.

"We love a sale, we plan for it every Black Friday," said shopper Roylesha O'neil.

But this year, Mother Nature may make pre-Black Friday a bust..

"If it's going to be bad weather we probably wont go out, stay home," said shopper Jill Shopper.

"That's why we are doing it tonight, we can stay in tomorrow eat turkey and pie and football," said shopper Jeanie Gregory.

"If everyone is like yep roads are icy probably not going to go," said shopper Tyler Cully.

These concerns are something the Nebraska Crossing Outlets, which are outside, are aware of.

"I think it's all on our mind but Nebraskans are tough and I think they'll come our regardless, if it's really bad on Thursday night I just expect it twice as busy on Friday," said Boston.

Store managers like Kat Dillon of Le Creuset brush off the notion the wintry weather will put a dent on sales. "I have not once seen the holiday season slow down because of the weather, I know tomorrow will be blustery but I still expect a very large attendance".

And die hard shoppers agree.

"We got good tires on our cars so no that's not going to do anything for us," said shopper LaQuisha Spencer.

The Nebraska Crossing Outlets will open at 7p.m. on Thanksgiving day until 1a.m. however some stores will be open all night.

The remaining stores will open at 7a.m. Friday morning.