Storm causes tree to fall near house

Posted at 1:02 PM, Jul 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-18 14:02:24-04

11-year-old David Camacho ran to his mother's room scared.

“Like a big crash on the floor,” he said.

“She said, 'What happened?' I said, 'I don't know. I want to sleep with you.' And that's when my stepdad went to the porch and he saw this big tree falling down.”

In a rare outcome between houses versus tree, the house won.  

Just before 2am Monday, a dispatch call came in for the fallen tree...near 37th and 'f'.   

“When I saw it, I went to my bed. Because I was way too scared. I couldn't handle it,” Camacho said.

As the overnight storms caused power outages, scattering debris.

 In Gretna, homeowner Theresa Dein experienced something else.

“It was a loud strike and the smoke alarm went off and it was kind of like all of a sudden, she said.

“We jumped and because it kind of woke you up.”

Lightning struck her house the second time in 16 years.

“You couldn't find anything because there was no damage on the roof,” Dein said. “It was inside the walls.”

While it may not look like it Dein said the house is unliveable.

With heavy smoke and water damage seen inside her home.

Dein tells KMTV she's just thankful her and her husband got out in time.

Dein laughed at the old saying 'lightning never strikes the same place twice.'

“Actually the fire marshall said you'd be surprised at how many times people have that happened. Maybe we're too high on the hill? I don't know,” she said.