Stothert announces 13 Million dollars to be dedicated for road resurfacing

The work could begin as early as June
Posted at 12:17 PM, Apr 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-21 19:32:51-04
Omaha mayor Jean Stothert has announced that approximately $13 million will be dedicated to road resurfacing projects over the summer.  Omaha's road conditions have been a political lightning rod.  The story gained national attention when The New York Times published a story about using gravel in lieu of fixing pot holes. 
Stothert says that the majority of the projects, 26 of them in all, will repair residential streets. There are another 15 major road projects planned.
Much of the road resurfacing will start in June after the Omaha City Council approves bids for the residential projects. The council has already approved funding for major road repairs. Funding for the resurfacing projects will come from the gas tax, vehicle registration fees, general obligation bonds, and sewer revenue, Stothert says.
Some of the major road repair projects include:
  • Vinton Street from 13th to 24th streets
  • 50th Street from Dodge to Happy Hollow
  • Lake Street from 24th to 40th streets
  • Pacific Street from 72nd to 78th streets