Stothert, Mello push for last minute voters

Posted at 10:09 PM, May 08, 2017

Monday was last minute campaigning for Omaha's Mayoral candidates. 

Both Mayoral candidates have poured more than one million dollars into the race, and polls open at 8am on Tuesday.

Mayor Jean Stothert and Heath Mello were leaving no stone unturned, and were trying to squeeze out every last voter.

“The feedback we have been getting, whether it is the polls we do, unscientific polls, or just calling people, we are felling very good right now,” said Stothert.

“I feel good ending the campaign on a positive note,” said Mello. 

Both were putting in ground work on Monday, Stothert was holding signs at 72nd and Dodge with supporters, and Mello was door knocking.

The Douglas County Election Commission predicted a 31% voter turnout, a turnout that both candidates think needs to be higher.

“It is not good for our city, not good for our decision making process and our future,” said Mello. 

“We are hoping more come out, it is not typical for a mayor’s race to have 30%, because this is electing the leadership for the next four years,” added Stothert.

Both rallied the troops late in the evening to carry their last push into Tuesday where they will also be out door knocking and calling voters. 

Polls open from 8am-8pm for information on where you can vote click here.