Stranger Pays for Ticket for Flight at Eppley

Posted at 9:59 AM, Mar 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-03-20 10:59:14-04

A Facebook post about a mystery woman paying for a little girl's plane ticket for her distraught dad has gone viral.  The woman, now identified as Debbie Bolton, was in Omaha for a business conference for Norwex.  One of the local attendees, Kelly Jashinske, said she wasn't surprised at her generosity.


Jashinske works as an independent sales consultant for Norwex, a company that makes eco-friendly cleaning products.  At the conference in Omaha, she met co-founder Debbie Bolton.


“Like I was meeting a superstar, that’s how I felt when I was meeting her, which sounds silly,” said Jashinske.


Little did she know, Bolton was about to become an Internet star as well.


“All I know is that the next day, I was starting to be tagged in this story of this mystery woman from other consultants who recognized her as Debbie,” said Jashinske.


Bolton is the woman who paid for a little girl’s ticket so her dad could take her on a flight out of Eppley.  The girl’s dad had booked the flight before his daughter’s birthday, but at the time of the flight, she had turned two.


Airline policy meant that he had to pay for her ticket, a $750 expense.  He was heartbroken.  That’s when Bolton stepped in, and a fellow flier snapped the now viral photo and posted it and the story to Facebook.


The post has now been shared from the Love What Matters page more than 45,000 times.


Jashinske said she wasn’t surprised it was Bolton.


“She’s a very generous person, and she lives that out, not only in the way she runs Norwex, but in her daily life, and I think that was evidenced by this act of kindness,” said Jashinske.

Norwex also issued a statement about bolton saying: "We're not surprised to hear of Debbie's kind and generous personal gesture. We are very proud of her."