Street Stunting: fun for some, trouble for...

Posted at 5:17 PM, Mar 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-03-01 18:17:01-05

For some it’s a hobby. 

“We all started riding together in a big group about a year or so ago,” said a scooter rider.

Dozens of scooter enthusiasts enjoy stunting in the streets together.    

"We like to ride all over.  We like to go out North where we can get out of the city a little bit, because there are some longer more straight and narrow roads.  We ride pretty much everywhere,” said the scooter rider.

The rider chose not to show his face, because some of the things they do aren’t legal. 

“Have you ever passed a cop while doing this,” asked KMTV Reporter Emily Szink.
“Oh yeah several times,” responded the rider.
“What did they do,” asked Szink.
“Just kept going about their day,” responded the rider.

OPD Sergeant Chuck Casey says that is not true. 

“After watching this video it is obviously very, very reckless.  It's a bookable offense.  We can book them into jail for that,” said Sergeant Chuck Casey.

Sergeant Casey says these street riders or stunters are tough to catch.

“It's a matter of trying to enforce them, a lot of times it's being at the right place at the right time,” said Sgt. Casey.

Police say Able One, the police helicopter routinely looks for stunters when it’s up in the sky. 

“We're not doing this in the middle of traffic or anything like that.  We wait until we find a clear route to pop the front wheel up,” said the rider.

Police say not only are these stunts dangerous to the riders, they put everyone else on the road in danger.

“All it takes is one person to get startled, they take action and then their attention gets diverted.  Bad things are going to happen,” said Sgt. Casey.