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Stricter 'move over' law on the books in Iowa

Posted at 8:26 PM, Jul 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-03 22:07:43-04

With a record numbers of people hitting the roads this Fourth of July holiday, it's important to know about a new traffic law now in effect in Iowa. Drivers are now required to move over for any vehicle that is stopped on the side of the road with flashing lights on. 

"He was going 20 (mph) over. It's 55 through here. He's up there in the left lane still."

Behind the wheel for more than a decade, Iowa State Trooper Jared Kastner has conducted countless traffic stops keeping Iowa roadways safe.

"Highway State Patrol the reason for your stop is that you were a little fast on your speed I don't know if you realize or not."

But it's not just speeding that Kastner is keeping an eye out for. It's also drivers who fail to yield for vehicles stopped on the shoulder."You can write that citation several times a shift if allowed."

Under the now stricter law, drivers must move over lanes for all vehicles with flashing lights stopped on the side of the road. Most move, but not all do. "I would ask people to put themselves in our shoes when we are on the side of the road. How they would want people to react if they were standing on the shoulder." 

"I've never been struck but I've had some very close calls. If you talk to anyone that has any time on the road, everybody has a story."

Encounters like this one involving an Iowa State Trooper in 2014. Or as recently as June 24th when this trooper was rear-ended while stopped. It's examples like these which are behind the push for 100 percent compliance with the law.

"Everyone thinks being in law enforcement that your biggest concern being assaulted or shot, but our biggest concern really is that the motoring public driving by and striking us while we are on the side of the road. It's truly my biggest fear."

Violating the move over law isn't cheap. After court fees, the ticket will end up costing you 195 dollars.