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Strong push for voter turnout in North Omaha

Posted: 7:09 AM, Oct 23, 2018
Updated: 2018-10-23 09:50:43-04

The midterms are now exactly two weeks away which means candidates are on the clock and groups are pushing to get voters to the polls, specifically in North Omaha where voter turn out is traditionally low. 

Community leaders say although Nebraska has traditionally been a red state there is a possibility of that changing in the upcoming elections. 

Director of Black Votes Matter Preston Love says that's why former Democratic Senators are campaigning hard in North Omaha. 

"This community right here could change the way the nation goes, and the nation's policies and the check on the executive branch," Love said. "It's very, very important." 

Love will be on hand with Democratic current candidates, including U.S. Sen. hopeful Jane Raybould, gubernatorial candidate Bob Krist and congressional candidates Jessica McClure, Kara Eastman and Paul Theobald.

Former Democratic politicians including U.S. Senators Ben Nelson and Bob Kerrey, congressmen Brad Ashford and John Cavanaugh, and Lieutenant Governors Kim Robak and Maxine Moul.