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Students head back to class after Winter Break

Posted at 1:53 PM, Jan 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-10 08:23:24-05

As students head back to class after a restful Winter Break, students are trying their best to get back on track. 

At Ralston Middle School, getting back in the swing of things was easier for some than others. 

"The alarm. It went off and I was like 'we can't have school today,'" seventh grader Javell Penn said. 

But on the flip side, teacher Christine Redemske said most teachers end up coming back on their own team just to feel like they're prepared and ready. 

Redemske is part of a committee of educators and administrators at the school, that, in addition to teaching, focuses on how to teachers kids and parents get back into learning habits as quickly as possible. 

In the past, homeroom met the last period of the day, but now students meet with their homeroom in the middle of the day on either side of their lunch period. 

"Kids come up from recess where they're used to having a recess around lunch, so we wanted something more structured, back in the classroom," principal Andy Parizek said. "But yet, it's not math, it's now you know, the digits, it's not algebra, it's not English, it's more teaching the students and giving those skills to be better in life."