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Study: Omaha has nation's worst drivers

Posted at 1:56 PM, Jul 12, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-12 16:47:13-04

According to a study done by Quote Wizard, Omaha has the worst drivers of any of the top 75 most populous markets in the United States. 

Omaha was rated the eighth-worst city in 2017, but its rise to No. 1 was propelled by sizable increase in accidents, speeding and driving violations. The city even has a YouTube page dedicated to the worst drivers on city roads.

Four of the top six were in California, with Riverside coming in right behind Omaha. The city with best drivers is Orlando. 

Omaha resident Ted Washington is a proud owner of a 2017 Chrysler 300, but he says driving it on around town takes some vigilance.

"Some people just can't drive that's true," he said. "Very cautiously. I had a 2014 Chrysler 300 with 28,000 miles and a lady hit me on Sorenson Parkway at 45 miles and hour and totaled it out."

Still, Washington says he was surprised by the study results. 

Omaha parent Erin Herold she says stricter distracted driving laws could make a difference.

"I would guarantee that has a lot to do with the statistics," she said.