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Subzero cold leads to late school starts

Posted: 5:47 PM, Jan 15, 2018
Updated: 2018-01-17 00:18:19Z

With wind chills expected to drop below -20 overnight, some schools have delayed starts on Tuesday.

Omaha Public Schools and Lincoln Public Schools announced that classes are canceled on Tuesday.  

AHSTW, Harlan, Tri-Center, Underwood  Riverside, and Southwest Valley in Iowa are among those who will start two hours late on Tuesday. Other districts are expected to follow suit as Monday evening progresses. 

A Wind Chill Advisory will continue through noon Tuesday due to dangerously cold wind chills. As temperatures fall, it will feel like -15 to -25 Monday night. For Tuesday morning, it will feel like -20 to -30.

Those are the conditions many school districts in the metro wrestled with as they decided whether or not to cancel class. 

"We want kids in our classrooms to get back to that normalcy and that schedule, but if they are not safe in getting here, we have to consider that when we are determining if we should hold class or not," said Westside Public Schools spokeswoman Brandi Petersen. 

Student safety is the top priority in deciding to cancel, "Frostbite within just a few minutes of exposure and dangerous cold at 30-below, those are the things we think about when we think about our students waiting at bus stops, or sitting on a bus being transported to school, what if that bus breaks down, and they are stranded on the bus," said Petersen. 

A full list of school late starts can be found here: