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Summer school feels like summer camp

Posted at 3:32 PM, Jul 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-10 07:41:47-04

The Omaha metro may be in the middle of summer but it's business as usual for about 400 elementary students at Papillion La Vista Schools as they work not only to prevent summer brain drain but also even make strides forward in their education.

When Nate Hunt starts third grade at Carriage Hill Elementary School. he feels he'll be ready. Hunt is attending camp success summer school at la vista west elementary.

"I like that we get a little bit of time to do some iPads," Hunt said. "We're on our first group and after this we have our second group, which is iPads. We do stuff on iPads like apps like ChatterPix."

It's similar to regular school, but the days are shorter and the activities keep the kids engaged during the summer days, says teacher Maggie Bach.

"Here we practice reading everyday in the four days a week we're together and it just really keeps them on the level they were when they left school in May," Bach said. "So they don't loose all that good work."

Teachers track each child's progress. For parent Julie Tomek, it's a dream come true for son, Jaxon.

"He was kind of struggling with kindergarten so we thought this would be just a good opportunity for him to continue to learn," she said.

Parent Tiffany Stephens says the program gives her autistic son opportunities she hasn't found in other places.

"We're a military family and coming here to Papillion has been the best experience for my children," she said. "The teachers are just great. I can tell they really love their job. The resources are fantastic."